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Explore Your Meanings is a digital psychological assessment platform
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EYME is designed to identify and grasp the structure of the perceptions and values ​​of a person or team
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With 3D technology and virtual reality the person’s mental map can be explored immersively
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You can access EYME’s automated interview with a computer, tablet or smartphone
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EYME asks questions to elicit your perceptions about different configurable elements
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EYME extracts the key characteristics and values ​​of the map with which reality is constructed
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The data resulting from the person's ratings of each characteristic is processed by EYME
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EYME presents a report with self-identity indicators
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Eyme generates a graphic image of the 3D meaning map and virtual reality
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EYME is an experience of self-discovery and exploration for change possibilities in a safe environment
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Smart automated interview

Explore the universe of meanings about the self of your client, patient or consumer with an automated interview that allows you to know their needs from the first moment

A complete solution

Everything you need to use EYME in your professional practice: hardware, software and specific training

Easy to use

Easy to use, you don’t need installation or specific knowledge to take advantage of EYME


You will be able to customize the content of the interview to meet the needs of each client


Thanks to the information gathered during the interview, in the report and the immersion in VR, EYME is a highly profitable product


Navigate through the data collected in EYME's interview. In this three dimensional space, the interviewee and the professional can visualize the representation of the characteristics assigned to the elements. The size of the elements reflects its relevance.


Displays the data obtained using qualitative and quantitative indicators and provides a graphical representation that helps to interpret the relevance of the interviewee’s perceptions in their personal or professional environment


Take your clients on a walk through their minds, exploring their social perceptions and values, in a multidimensional and navigable space, enjoying the immersive properties of Virtual Reality


The most complete self-identity exploration program using Virtual Reality.

In the training section of our platform, you will find many learning resources such as tutorials, manuals, clinical cases, and webinars that are updated regularly


Scientific methodology developed at the Universitat de Barcelona

EYME is based on the Repertory Grid technique, a semi-structured assessment tool created by George A. Kelly and recently developed by Dr. Guillem Feixas and his research team at the Universitat de Barcelona

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