It enhances the success of psychotherapeutic work by promoting the exploration of oneself and others

EYME CLINIC is based on an automated interview accessible by computer, tablet or smartphone
EYME CLINIC is configured through automated questions about the perceptions of different significant people thus eliciting the characteristics and key values of the map used by the interviewee to construct her or his reality
The professional obtains a 3-dimensional graph that projects an image of the cognitive map of their patients
All this is accompanied by a detailed automatic report addressed to the professional. The report describes the mental functioning of their patients, defines their possible personal dilemmas and the therapist to formulate and plan those aspects on which to work in the process of psychotherapeutic change
For the patient, using EYME becomes an experience of self-discovery and exploration of possibilities of change in a safe environment
This exploration in VR allows the patients to move across their own perceptions, this helping them to discover their own self-identities and personal conflicts

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